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The Purposeful Growth Revolution is ON
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“Mark Mears is really onto something in his powerful new book, The Purposeful Growth Revolution.

What better time than the ‘Great Resignation’ to take stock in what your individual, team, and organizational purpose really is, and plant the right seeds to fuel sustainable growth that will leave everyone more fulfilled! Hats off to Mark for leading this revolution!”

— Brad Taylor, Founder/CMO, Taylor Built Brands and Former Senior Vice President, Marketing and Sales, National Accounts at The Coca-Cola Company

Today we are facing the “The Great Resignation.”

People are resigning from the workforce or, possibly worse, resigning themselves to an unsatisfying status quo and being disengaged at work. They’ve quit…but stayed.
Neither outcome is “great.”

Is this the case with you, or possibly members of the
team or organization you lead?

What if we view this time as a gift to help us refocus and realign

- ourselves

- our teams

- and our organizations

behind what/who really matters most?

What if we found deeper meaning in our work that leaves a living legacy—making our world better?

That sounds pretty “great” doesn’t it?

Your work should have purpose beyond a paycheck.

“In The Purposeful Growth Revolution, Mark Mears leverages his experience, observations, and keen vision to create an innovative way to think about nature in relation to leadership, growth,
and the role each of us plays in society.”

— Shamus McNutt, President, FlowState Branding


It feels like he is talking directly to me as opposed to at me.

“I’ve read a lot of books on leadership, and The Purposeful Growth Revolution has become one of my favorites as it examines the importance of paying it backward to leave a living legacy.  Mark’s thesis is very well organized, and the use of personal stories really helps drive home his key points in ways that stick. 
It feels like he is talking directly to me as opposed to at me.”

— Christopher Chadick, Senior Vice President, Morgan Stanley Wealth Management
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Mark A. Mears prefers to redefine this time as
“The Great Repurposing”

an opportunity to unleash the awesome power of Purposeful Growth
to become not only great leaders, but builders of living legacies.

In The Purposeful Growth Revolution, Mears introduces the concept of “paying it backward”—providing a wealth of personal experiences as a C-Suite executive, relevant examples of best practices along with a curation of insights from subject matter experts to support his revolutionary
4 LEAF GROWTH model.  

Mears believes each season of life represents an opportunity for Purposeful Growth through development, transformation, harvest, and regeneration that can be applied to enrich the quality and value of our life’s work.

A must-read for leaders who want more from their own lives
and the teams they inspire.

"Mark Mears’ The Purposeful Growth Revolution is a must-read for leaders who want more from their own lives and the teams they inspire, so together they can reach ever higher.  This message could not have come at a better time for me both personally and professionally as I navigate the changing seasons of my own life.”

- James Beasley, National Business Development Manager, PepsiCo
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There are 4 integrated ways we see in nature
to help individuals, teams, and organizations

find purpose

fulfill their true growth potential

and leave a living legacy:


Cultivating your
field for
Purposeful Growth

Planting your seeds for Purposeful Self

Growing you
4-ward for Purposeful Work

Scattering your seeds for Purposeful Life

“Mark Mears is the perfect champion for The Purposeful Growth Revolution.  Over the last three decades, he has elevated the companies and teams he led by leveraging the lessons in this very book."

- Joan Ray, Executive Vice President, The Elliot Group

Get the C-level “insider” perspective

Mears combines a unique, C-level “insider” perspective with an engaging, storytelling style to bring his purposeful growth process to life
challenging conventional wisdom —
in a thought-provoking manner designed to sow seeds for new growth to take root
in your life in any season.

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The Purposeful Growth Revolution is ON…it’s time to get GROWING!

What Powerful Leaders Are Saying about The Purposeful Growth Revolution.

 In his new book, The Purposeful Growth Revolution, Mark shares a wealth of insights from his remarkable career journey
that should inspire us all.

“Mark Mears has long embraced the mantra of ‘doing good is good for business.’  So easy to say, but how it unfolds in the business world is not easy.  In his new book, The Purposeful Growth Revolution, Mark shares a wealth of insights from his remarkable career journey that should inspire us all.”

— Diana Hovey, Senior Vice President, Corporate Partnerships, No Kid Hungry Campaign

Today, discovering and fulfilling one's purpose is essential for individuals, brands and businesses. Mark's book could not have come at a better time." 

— John Ellett, author, The CMO Manifesto

Wow! More than a self-help book, The Purposeful Growth Revolution is the new mantra for leading the life you not only want but deserve. Bravo Mark! Bravo!

Janice Miller, Managing Partner, Miller Haga Law Group, LLP

The secret sauce of business success shared by a true winner. 

“In a changing world, sustained growth comes from a clear focus on purpose. In The Purposeful Growth Revolution, Mark Mears shares his experience of big growth wins. The secret sauce of business success shared by a true winner.  

— Arjun Sen, Founder & CEO ZenMango

Many of the brands you love… you fell in love with because of Mark Mears. Mark helped you see their value.


“Many of the brands you love… you fell in love with because of Mark Mears. Mark helped you see their value.  Now, thankfully he is doing that for us!  Mark uses his years of expertise, wisdom and observations to help you leverage your true value as a leader to build a living legacy in helping others along their growth journey.”

“Having Mark consult for us has given us the knowledge and pathway to scale and grow our organization beyond what we ever thought possible! I’ve been asking for a book for years… now here it finally is!”

Rusty George, Pastor, Author and host of the Leading Simple Podcast

Mark has consistently demonstrated success inspiring organizations with his refreshing "4 Leaf Growth” model.


“As an owner of a virtual, work from anywhere digital ad agency, we constantly challenge ourselves to maintain a strong sense of purpose across our team.  Mark Mears seems to have cracked this code.  Throughout his career, he has consistently demonstrated success inspiring organizations with his refreshing "4 Leaf Growth” model.  And reading Mears’ book, The Purposeful Growth Revolution, has inspired me with my own refreshed sense of purpose.”

— Tom Cole, Executive Chairman, Tandem Theory

“Insightful and practical!

This book provides a simple and effective blueprint for purposeful growth and development that can be applied by everyone who aspires to leave a positive impact in the world!”

— Heath Peterson, President, Kansas Alumni Association

Entertaining, insightful, and most importantly, 


The Purposeful Growth Revolution is entertaining, insightful, and most importantly, useful in providing a road map for leaders to find greater meaning in their personal and professional lives.”

— Shawn Richards, Owner, Blue Sky Business Consulting, Host of The Team Engagement Podcast

 “In The Purposeful Growth Revolution, Mark Mears offers a wonderful new perspective on how to achieve your personal and professional goals.

Mark has thoughtful insights that will change the way you think about your career with a deeper sense of purpose, and how to channel that purpose into positive impact for not only your life, but the lives of others.”

— Val Vandiver, PhD and Founder, Dedeye Analytics

“Creative, introspective, and applicable to all, in The Purposeful Growth Revolution,

Mark Mears is able to weave the concepts of plant growth into our everyday lives helping us learn and grow personally, professionally, relationally, and spiritually. Who would have thought an ordinary leaf, taken for granted, can be a metaphor for a richer meaning and outlook on life?”

— Dennis Patton, Johnson County K-State Research and Extension Horticulture Agent

“I enjoyed the creative use of LEAF as a metaphor for growth and rebirth in The Purposeful Growth Revolution.

Mark Mears has built a wealth of business and leadership experiences that clearly resonate throughout.

Anyone looking to enhance their personal growth or professional expertise will clearly benefit from his instructive storytelling.”

— Jim Rassmussen, Former CIO, The Cheesecake Factory

“Mark Mears has always had a unique visionary talent to take muddy water and make it crystal clear.

He has that special ability to dissect and explain complex concepts in ways that create aha moments.

His unfolding picture of growth in this book is no different. You will come away with your own relatable aha moments after reading his perspectives.”

— Jennifer Townsend, Menu R&D Guru, Inspire Brands

The Purposeful Growth Revolution is one of the most insightful, uniquely crafted and powerful reads I’ve come across

on topic of personal and professional leadership growth and development—applicable to all who want more out of life and work in every season of life.”

— Gil Hanson, Global Brand Strategist and Creative Design

“This book is for anyone who has faced adversity and pondered their life purpose.

In The Purposeful Growth Revolution, Mark Mears beautifully combines his experiences as a business executive and his spiritual insights to show how we can grow through pain, fulfill our life potential, and leave this world a better place.”

— Susan Lintonsmith, CEO, Board Member, Author

“I’ve always been a fan of Mark’s LEAF metaphor for finding and fulfilling one’s true growth potential.

The Purposeful Growth Revolution is a powerful guidebook packed with personal stories and growth lessons that come straight from Mark’s life experiences.”

— Jan Talamo, Chief Creative Officer, VSBLTY

“Mark Mears empowers purposeful growth

by inspiring customers, coworkers, and corporate leaders to give back in ways big and small.”

— Tim Manners, Partner, The Manners Group, and Author of Relevance

“This book is a leadership guide,

a self-help book, and a memoir layered with practical advice for anyone at any point in their career. I had the pleasure of interviewing Mark Mears as a guest on my podcast and was enriched by our conversation and the topics in this book.”

— Jenifer Kern, Chief Marketing Officer of Qu and Hostess of Restaurants Reinvented Podcast

“My agency team and I had the pleasure of working with Mark and seeing his unique nature-inspired concepts in action.

Written in his approachable tone, this gave me a deeper understanding of his vision behind purposeful growth.”

— Kate Talamo, Founder & CEO, Think-Traffic

“Mark Mears has clearly found his purpose—in The Purposeful Growth Revolution, he shares the lessons he’s learned

as a leader and brings them to life in a way that educates, engages, inspires, and entertains. I have had the pleasure to work closely with Mark and can attest to the impact his 4 LEAF Growth model can have in building more purposeful individuals, teams, and organizations, and the communities we serve.”

— Jean Boland, Chief People Officer, WOWorks

The Purposeful Growth Revolution is an amazing book.

Once internalized for individuals and teams, life and work become more rewarding, more fun, and more fulfilling. The stories are easy to follow and the concepts are easy to implement. I highly recommend this book for teams that are looking to increase communication and teamwork and to operate as a highly functional team.”

— Matt Moody, Vice President, Partnerships, Big Leap

The Purposeful Growth Revolution is ON!  Are You IN?


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