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Do you want to build a
purposeful growth organization
that profits all stakeholders?

Mark A. Mears can help you employ his revolutionary 4 LEAF Growth process across your
team, customers, business partners, and the communities you serve. 

As a gifted visionary and purposeful author, speaker, consultant, teacher, and mentor with over twenty years as a C-level executive, Mark Mears draws upon his wealth of experiences in helping to build Fortune 500 companies as well as mid-sized growth brands, global marketing agencies, and service providers.

Have you ever wanted to quantify your team's Purposeful Growth?

Well now you can.

The results will help you see clearly how you can enhance your personal and professional growth as an individual and as a part of a team/organization.

This is how we can make a positive and
lasting impact on the world!

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“Many of the brands you love you fell in love with
because of Mark Mears.

 Mark helped you see their value. Having Mark consult for us has given us the knowledge and pathway to scale and grow our organization beyond what we ever thought possible!”

— Rusty George, Pastor, Author and host of the Leading Simple Podcast

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